Square Biz Entertainment, is a publishing and movie production company. Founded in 2017 by Ra X and Darrell Smith, the company specializes in horror genre product.   We are big fans of comics and movies in general and growing up in the late seventies and eighties was a special time in the history of the horror genre. Being exposed to so many amazing, seminal films, comics and creators one couldn't help but aspire to do the same. Over the years, we've worked on all kinds of projects...music videos, shorts, and feature films. In 2010 we produced the award-winning and critically acclaimed indie horror film, “RAGE”.


Today, under our new company banner, we are producing projects, first as comic books then as feature films. Our motto is "From the small panel to the big screen."  With a slate of projects to choose from, for our first offering, we picked "TWILIGHT HOTEL"!
TWILIGHT HOTEL THE COMIC BOOK - It is a 4 issue horror comic book series, based on the movie's original feature screenplay by writer Ra X, who describes it as, a BLOOD-SOAKED love letter to the classic horror/sci-fi brands, “The Twilight Zone” and “Tales from the Crypt”. The stories contained in Twilight Hotel are DARK, HUMOROUS and BLOODY morality tales that are not “imitations” of the great aforementioned anthologies, but uniquely original stories that pay respect to those that came before it.   



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